Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Day 94

I had another bad night last night, with my allergy, dear Reader. My allergy rash had calmed down and came back like a chicken pox rash. It was awful I was in the bath at three am this morning. I have now invested in an air purifier and it really seems to help. I am determined I am going to get rid of my allergies or at least bring it all under control.

So today I spent most of the day with a duvet on the sofa. Intending to rest and read. But because I have not slept all night I soon found myself drifting, so although I do have a lot of book work on at the moment, I have decided that my health has to come first and that for the moment I am not taking anymore deadlines on. I love my book work and will always do it, but there comes a time when you have to think about what is more important and I have to get myself fully better.

I am feeling much better now though, but this time I am not rushing and although I am so tempted to get back to the gym, I know I have to wait though until my allergy rash as completely gone.

It was lovely to be awake this morning and to be up so early and to hear the first tweets from the birds outside. Usually it is the tweets from my twitter account that I find calling when I am first up! Ha Ha

Evening all x x x

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