Friday, 21 June 2013

Day 104

Busy day today, dear Reader, I have not stopped all day. The work on my kitchen is going ahead on Wednesday, so we went out to buy a brand new fridge freezer to go with all our other new kitchen appliances.

We have had the fridge-freezer over fifteen years and it has became way too small for a growing family. Every week the hubby packs the freezer in such a way that if you remove one item from the freezer it is like a puzzle on the old television show The Krypton Factor to pack everything back in and for the door to shut. It is also covered in postcards that friends and family have sent to us over the years. 

It's all silver now in fridge-freezer fashion. They only have a few white ones to choose from. We have now joined the silver club as all our appliances now are silver. I will be so glad when it is this time next week and hopefully fingers crossed it will all be finished and I have a wonderful kitchen to sit in.

The hubby even agreed to give the walls a lick of paint. So this weekend it will be done. So now I have to quickly defrost my old fridge-freezer as they are taking this one when they bring the new one. The hubby is like Thumper hitting at all the build up of ice to get this little job done. He also was washing it out, which is something I have done every week. But now that it is destined for the tip he now chooses to wash it out?!

There you go, dear Reader, by age thirty-nine you get excited by work getting done on your kitchen and a brand new fridge-freezer!

Evening all X X X


  1. Excellent. Listen check out my blog, I did a whole post on having my writing room repainted. If we can't find joy in our surroundings (or kitchen appliances) what point is there?

  2. Thanks Carol. Will do that x