Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day 103

A new baby in our family today, dear Reader, a baby boy born this morning in a birthing pool all going to plan for our lovely mum to be. She must be so relieved to have everything go so well and to have it all over and done with and now to be able to hold her little baby boy.

I can't wait to see him. I have already seen a photo and he is a little cutie. It will not be long now until we have a new royal baby too this year. I am thinking William and Kate will have a girl and call her Elizabeth Diana. What do you think, dear Reader?

We did not find out the sex of our first baby, we wanted the surprise. We did however choose to find out the sex of our second, so we knew we were having a girl. All that time to plan on having a girl and I could not decide on a name. My hubby suggested one all the way through my pregnancy and I did not like it. Then when she was born the name he had suggested all the way through just seemed to suit her, so that is the name we went with. Now I can not imagine her being called anything else.

It was easy naming my son. He was called after his grandfather. My own mother wanted to name me Boadicea. I am so glad some one talked her out of that one! I was actually named Nicola but now it's shortened to Nikki, but I prefer either. I think the mum-in-law chooses to call me Nicola sometimes because she thinks it annoys me but I am not bothered my actual full name is Nicola-Jayne.

As long as people are nice to me, they can call me what they want.

Evening all x x x

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