Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Day 101

Back to the doctors, today, dear Reader and I saw a much better doctor this time, so hopefully I am a stage nearer to getting back in control of my allergy. I was in two minds if I should back or not, but I'm so glad I went back now. Hopefully now the 3am baths will stop!

It has been so hard staying awake, when I was in the bath at that time on a morning. Many a time I have dosed off.  My eyes have slowly closed only to have me quickly snap them open again. Then there is the thing, dear Reader, of finding the energy to get out of the bath when you are so tired. A cooler bath is just as hard to get out of as a warm bath.

I have loads of towels in the wash too, from my many baths. I have been having up to four a day. I also have  had a good system of singing TV themes loud when I itch to try and distract my mind. I am worried now because Star Trek has entered the repertoire. Too much Star Trek has been happening on my television, dear Reader, in fact the hubby has it on at the moment.

You take your eyes off the television for a minute and look what happens!

Evening all x x x

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