Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day 88

It is amazing, dear Reader, just how fast time can go buy when you go on eBay. I have being spending what I thought was a quick look on eBay and before I knew it three hours had past! There is just so much interesting stuff on there to look at. The bidding is good fun too. I like to swipe in at the last moment and top the bids. Buy it now is not as much fun. 

My phone is now constantly buzzing to remind me all the stuff I have on watch is ready for me to bid on as the auction is coming to an end. It is far more exciting than buying from a shop. It is the 'will I win it?' Addiction, it gives you such a buzz. 

One of the (useless) things I have bid on is a Womble knitting pattern for my mum to knit me a jumper with my favourite Womble on--Orinoco. I thought it would make a change at  Christmas!

I grew up with the Wombles. I had every Womble toy.  I loved them.. I have started re-collecting Womble things now, thanks to eBay, I have a good collection going.

 My most treasured Womble is my Uncle Bulgaria. After my Gran passed away a couple of years ago, this was found in her belongings--she must have bought it for me and not had a chance to give it to me before she passed away.  You have so many memories of your gran from your childhood, that it seemed to me to be a wonderful thing to be given at that time. This also started me off re-collecting.

My home is a santuary for Wombles. So if you have a Womble or anything with Wombles on that you no longer want you now know who will adopt it!

Evening all x x x

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