Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day 87

When I was younger and thinking about what career I would like to do when I grew-up, I always wanted to join the police dear Reader. I am talking from a very young age, when I would dress up as a police woman and patrol my local streets--I was aged about seven.  I even wrote to our local police station and a police man came to visit my house bringing me lots of useful information and posters. We had a nice chat.

I don't know quite why my plans changed. I see people from school who I haven't seen for years and they all assume I went into the police. I did apply when a was twenty-nine and did really well, but at the time my children were only quite young and it is just not the sort of job you can knock off at 5pm on the dot is it dear Reader? Also it can be a very dangerous job now.

I do still think it would have been a job that would have suited me though and one I would have been good at. But now I will have to make do with my Juliet Bravo box sets.

Evening all x x x

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