Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day 84

There comes a time, dear Reader, when as a mother I feel we have to prepare our children for fledgling. For going out on their own in the big bad world. Today Mr L made another step into growing up and been independent. Mr L has attended his first rock concert in the big smoke with a friend. Not with us as a family but for the first time he now he is grown up and old enough to start going out and about more in the world on his own.

"Why blog about this?"  I hear you say, dear Reader, well I think it is a difficult time when you are a mother and your children are just coming up to being fully grown adults. You worry about them far more now than you do when they are little. When they are little they are with you all the time and know they are safe. When they are young adults you have to trust them and there comes a time when you have to start letting go. Let them have a bit more freedom to make their own lives and find their own place in the world.

I am in no rush for my children to leave home and I know we have created a warm, happy and secure environment in our home for them and they know they are loved. But I know one day it will come when they will leave our home to make a home for themselves. (Hopefully they will only move to the next street) But as parents we will always be there for them to guide them and just to be there.

I am so proud of my son Mr L who as grown into a sensible, mature young man. Also my daughter Miss C too, who now age fourteen is also starting to make her own decisions with picking her options at school. I devoted my life to being a mother, to be there for them and I would not change a thing, every moment I have spent with my children as been a joy. I know we have many more happy moments and memories to come, even though they will soon spent more and more time away from us.

But I know we will remain close and all I will have to do is to get the BBQ out and my Mr L will be there!

Evening all x x x

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