Thursday, 6 June 2013

Day 89

I have noticed something today, dear Reader, something rather disturbing. I think I am shrinking. Today while cleaning the house I noticed I struggled to reach the light fittings to dust. At five foot eight, this has never been a problem for me--but now I can't even seem to reach standing on tip-toes. 

What is going on, dear Reader, I know we shrink as we get older--but does this start happening at 39? Maybe it is my house that is growing! It was the same when I was cleaning the pictures that go up my staircase, when I got to the top again I could not reach and this has never been a problem before.

I am SHRINKING! Is this normal?  

I also discovered something wonderful today, dear Reader, just how comfortable socks and Crocs are (yes I do own a very nice pair of lilac crocs, in my defence I did buy them for the beach but then they become my outdoor garden shoes)! So today I have had socks on, due to a painful blister from breaking in a new pair of shoes. So when I went into the garden to hang the washing out my sock feet went into the crocs and to my surprise... it was comfortable. Not that I would dare go out of my house in them. But it felt wonderful, especially on my poor blistered feet.

Please comment your views.

Evening all x x x

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