Thursday, 27 June 2013

Day 110

Well after having the work done on my kitchen yesterday, dear Reader, there was only one thing for it today. I had to clean the rest of the house to match my new gleaming kitchen!

It is Mr L's prom tonight, he went off looking really smart to meet his friends and limo. I hope he has a really good time. This will be the last time him and all his school friends will be together. It had to rain too, such a shame for the girls and their beautiful dresses. I hope he takes lots of photos.

I don't know when the prom thing started over here in the UK. They also now do a school yearbook too like in the US. I personally like the idea of a prom. I think it is a brilliant way for the children to finish school. The perfect way for them to chill out and let their hair down after months of studying. 

A nice three course meal followed by a disco is what awaits Mr L tonight. A far cry from our old school discos, isn't it dear Reader? Plus a ride in a limo. All very posh now isn't it? It was a new pair of trendy jeans and a top for the school disco or remember pedal pushers and ra ra skirts, dear Reader? A 10p mix (without bubbly) and a Tiptop drinks carton was all that our school had on offer. We even had to provide the music, bringing in our own records.

But we had fun and that was the main thing!

Evening all x x x

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