Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 86

 I had a little visitor today, dear Reader in my garden. I had just gone out to hang some more washing out on this lovely sunny day, when I spotted this little fellow.

 He did not seem to be moving, but on closer inspection, he was very much alive. Just very still. I think maybe he had just fledged the nest and was unsure how to fly again. Or maybe he had been unlucky to have a run in with my cat Spook and was just too frightened to move.

 I now had to decide what to do with the little fellow, so after shutting a nosey Spook in the house I came up with a plan.

 So out went my pegs out of the basket and in went the little fellow for transportation.

 The little fellow then decided to have a little poop in my peg basket.

 Gentle I tried the little fellow in a bird bath.

 This did seem to make the little fellow move a little, but it was clear his wings were not yet, quite ready to fly.

 So I popped him on the bird table in the shade. Thinking if he had just fledged he might need a height to try to take off and fly from again.

 We ended up bonding and here he is quite happy to come right up to me and say hello.

 A little rest in a home made nest.

Then he is all ready to give it another go and he did, dear Reader he flew away safe and sound.

Evening all x x x

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