Sunday, 2 June 2013

Day 85

I do give money to charity, dear Reader, in a private and personal way. But lately it would seem that when in town shopping or even in shops I have been approached a number of times by what I am going to call the 'Bib Brigade.' These are charities, well known charities, that employ people to go out on the street wearing bibs and approach  people like you and me dear Reader into giving money to the charity they are representing.

I just think this is an awful way to go about things. What is worse is that the 'Bib Brigade' are now knocking on your doors at home and pestering. Now imagine if like me you have lost a loved one to Cancer and it is a Cancer charity knocking at the door. You feel obliged to hand over your money. But how much of our money collected is actually going on the good cause the charity is doing, dear Reader? For the 'Bib Brigade' are paid. Once in town I counted a dozen of these bib brigade people bothering people in town. Let's do the math, dear Reader, that is a lot of money going out in wages.

I was coming out of shopping in BHS when I was stopped by what I thought was a member of the BHS staff. The young man was collecting money for a good cause. He presented me with a list of money. The list started at a thousand pounds and went down to ten pounds. Only I got to know about the ten pounds when I asked  what was the least amount they would except today, he cleverly covered the prices over. So he asked me if I was willing to donate a grand to the charity. Straight out with it. He also began to shamelessly flirt with me, even going as far as stroking my arm. It would seem for donating the grand I would receive a badge pin.

So why are the people in charge of shops letting them approach and pester customers in this way dear Reader? Maybe the charities are paying the shops to rent space? But this is really beginning to annoy me. I am all for good causes and charity. But the 'Bib Brigade' is press ganging you into handing over your money. It is aggressive selling at its worse, that takes away our free choice. I know some charities are desperate for funds, but this is not the way to go about it. This way really puts me off giving to the charity and I tell you what is annoying too, dear Reader, the false over friendliness that the 'Bib Brigade' put on. Turning on the charm.

Please 'Bib Brigade' leave us alone to do our shopping and let us give to charity in our own way, by our own choice and let's keep it a personal thing.

Evening all x x x


  1. Agree with this. BH and I support certain charities and give money privately. Plus I regularly donate to Oxfam and to Emmaus. Yet like you, I am pestered both at home and in the street by 'chuggers'. I KNOW times are hard, but I bitterly resent being made to feel guilty or being bullied into donating (I don't).

  2. Thanks for stopping by Carol x