Sunday, 23 June 2013

Day 106

First coat of paint is on the kitchen walls, dear Reader, even though it is the same colour it is going to need another coat. If I would have known it would have needed more than one coat I may have thought about changing the colour, but then again blue does go with everything--so we were better sticking with the blue.

Me and the hubby are having a little domestic over a new bowl for the new sink-- he wants grey and I want blue. What the hell does he want grey for in a blue kitchen? So we will go with blue.

Rooms look so much bigger don't they when they are empty? All that space. I remember when we first set up home together and we had lots of space, with little furniture and a few bits and bobs. Then slowly after you end up with lots and lots of stuff and no space. 

Well it is television dinners for a bit while the kitchen is finished as the table and chairs have been put away now. I do like us all to sit around the table together at meal times, but needs must and the table needed to be put away in order for the work to be done.

Also it is take-away tonight as I cannot get in the kitchen to cook. A good excuse isn't it? Maybe I could say that about the washing and ironing too!

Evening all x x x

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