Friday, 31 May 2013

Day 83

I feel like I have spent all of today ironing, dear Reader, what happened was I was all ready to get going with the ironing and catch up on my Sky + when it was one of those days when the phone just has not stopped ringing which distracted me from the chore I was wanting to get out of the way before the weekend begins.

Getting into my new diet, after cutting out all the foods that affect my allergy, I could do with some more new and different foods to try at the moment I seem to be eating alot of things made out of potatos, white bread and a lot of oranges! So I need to look at more foods I can eat. I have bought some chicken and eggs. My skin is almost better now and that is the most important thing. 

Still waiting to hear back from the guy who is doing my kitchen. I am thinking of painting the walls before he does the work; or should I say I am thinking of asking the hubby to paint the wall before the work gets done! Or maybe I will have a go myself. It can't be that hard to run a roller over a wall can it? I think I will give it a go! I can't be allergic to paint-- surely not dear Reader!?

Evening all X X X

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