Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 58

Hottest day so far, dear Reader, it was hot! It is summer here at last or should that be will the summer weather last? But for today the sunshine was here. I think the surprise change in the weather caught a lot of people out this morning, as we went for a nice walk to town lots of people had made the mistake of opting for warmer clothes early this morning and now they looked hot as they hurried on their way. Not such a problem for me, as when I got up the sun was out the sky was blue. So I wore my fresh summer clothes. I am taking no chances as soon as that sun's out they are going on, because who knows when we will have sunshine again the way the weather is going. But the hot weather as been a bonus that it as fallen on a Bank Holiday.

Miss C is baking again in the kitchen, cooking up another delicious delight for us. Yesterday it was lawn mowers going today it is BBQs. Who wants to cook when the weather is so great, dear Reader, so we will add to the BBQ smog. Mr L then as got us all in the habit of when we eat Al Fresco, that we all play a board game after in the garden. Which usually is Trivial Pursuits or some other brainy game to wear the junk food off. Which I do enjoy sitting in the garden if it is hot, but if there is the slightest breeze that is me inside. I hate a draft. I can't stand air conditioning either. But no breeze here today so I will survive.

Evening all x x x

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