Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Day 74

It always amazes me, dear Reader, why on a Monday the gym is so busy and then by today it is always quiet. What is the cause of this Monday madness? Maybe over indulging on the food and wine over the weekend. But by Friday usually it is only me and the hubby in the gym. I wonder what makes Monday the most popular day at the gym. Why the start of the week why not end the week on a high or a treadmill?!

I have noticed that since my fall from the treadmill, I am a little nervous now of these moving monsters and I tread very carefully. In fact I would go as far as to say sometimes I avoid them opting for a pleasant row on a rowing machine or a nice cycle on the exercise bike. It is not like I need the walking, dear Reader, as I do quite a bit of walking. So I can give it a miss, but if you fall off your bike they tell you to get back on so I suppose it is the same for the treadmill--even if it does make you sweat with fear before you have even stepped on to do any sort of work out.

There is a guy at our gym who as an irritating habit of waving his hands up and down as he runs on the treadmill. He does a kind of Mexican wave. Spraying sweat everywhere as he raises his arms. It did take me a while, dear Reader, to work out why I was getting splatted with water every now and again. I was looking up at the ceiling puzzled. Then when I found out what was happening what do you do? Go up to said man and politely say 
"Excuse me, would you refrain from splattering your sweat in my direction." or 
"Keep your sweat to yourself" Maybe I will have the latter printed on a t-shirt.

Also another question about the gym, why do they have vending machines just outside the gym; packed with: chocolate, crisps, cola and other sugary fatty things? Surely a salad bar would be better.  You go in the gym and work out for two hours then get tempted by the lovely looking Galaxy in the vending machine and it is a waste of a work out, because you know everything you burnt off in the gym is in the Galaxy wrapper--ready for you to put back on the weight you have just lost. Next thing you know you have a taste for Galaxy so you pop them on your shopping list; eating more and more chocolate. I suppose if the vending machine does not drop your Galaxy you may just get away with putting back on the pounds by having a good thump and thrash around trying to get the machine to drop your chocolate.

Evening all x x x

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