Friday, 10 May 2013

Day 62

I am watching Mary Queen of the High Street. With over one hundred shops closing a week, Mary Portas wants to revive Britain's failing high streets. I totally agree with her, something happened to our shopping centres and there was no warning; all our town and city centres became the same. The same shops, the same stock, very much the same pedestrianised lay out and the mall. I do applaud the pedestrian setting and the mall. Now it is not even worth going into the city, here in Warrington we have just the same shops as Liverpool and Manchester. We are even supposed to be getting Primark soon. 

But what happened to our small family businesses? Not the big chains of shops, but those little individual small shops. Why are there so many shops empty? If they are not getting people in them, why doesn't the council lower the rent? I would love to have a book shop, dear Reader, and dare I say maybe even a second hand book shop. Maybe in my little shop I would have a little Jackinory corner for authors to sit and promote their books and I would sell their books in my shop too. I also would have: tea, coffee, cake and other such fancy things. I would also have a space for authors to give talks about their books and maybe even run workshops.

BYWATER BOOK BITES it will be called and I will have an office in the back to work on my reviews; my agency work and promotion, taking on new authors and having a big filing cabinet and lots of lush stationary. Oh yes, dear Reader, I have big plans... but I first have to beat the pound and ninety-nine pence shops to claim my empty shop--they are taking over the WORLD!

Evening all x x x

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