Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Day 80

'Shopped 'til I dropped' today with my teenage daughter, dear Reader, I had to get coffee and I do not even drink coffee! But it is nice to spend some quality time with Miss C. I used to love going shopping with my Gran.

Anyway, we found a great shop that sells nickel free jewellery and I thought it would be funny for me to buy a funny ring for my wedding finger--as no mention of me getting a new wedding ring has been made. So I picked this lovely white one with strawberries all around it. Well, dear Reader, it went on the finger okay; but when it came to taking the ring off I could not get it off--it just would not budge. I was beginning to panic, I mean how sad would it have looked if a 39 year old woman is trying rings on her wedding finger and then gets one stuck. After nearly breaking my finger using that strong of a force at last it came off. A lucky escape that was. I did not buy the ring, although I may well have had to and that ring could have very well ended up being my wedding ring if it had been stuck.

Mr L did come with us at the start of our shopping trip which began with lunch in the all you can eat Chinese restaurant, but as soon as we had finished eating Mr L decided to go home on the bus. I think the thought of going in a lot of girly shops was not too appealing!

Mr L was some help on the walk into town; it was raining and I had brought a new umbrella from the pound shop. Handy, I thought, because it would fit in my handbag. Well I decided to try out the new brolly walking to town. Now the brolly is a shocking pink colour dear Reader and I have to be careful with brollies because they do have nickel on them. Well I was holding on to the black holder at the bottom of the brolly, when it started to wobbly. The holder was beginning to unscrew itsself from the holder. Until a gust of wind blew it completly off and the brolly flew back and hit Miss C, leaving me just holding the useless bottom bit you hold the brolly with. This is when Mr L was useful knowing that I could not touch the nickel; he spent the entire time walking to town, picking up my bright pink brolly and then fixing it for me. When we were almost at town we were so fed up that I decided just to bin the brolly and to buy a new one at the first shop we passed that sold brollies... which ironically was The Pound Shop!

Evening all x x x

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