Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Day 81

I had another strange dream last night, dear Reader, I dreamt that I lost a finger. Some how I had chopped half of my finger off and I did not notice until I found it in the kitchen sink! I then knew I had to get to the hospital and have my finger sewn back on. I was not in any rush either dear Reader. It was like it was an everyday thing chopping one's finger off. I knew I had to get to the hospital and that it was something I could not avoid. But I have a real fear of hospitals and I am very queasy so it was a horrible feeling. When I woke up this morning, dear Reader, the first thing I did was count all my fingers. I truly believed I would have half a digit missing.

I suppose this dream has come from the anxiety about my wedding ring. Because I do miss wearing it. I know I should not worry about such little things, but I cannot help myself. It is important that I rid myself of anything I am allergic to as the risk could be too great. 

On a happy note the hubby actually mentioned a new wedding ring and going to a jewellers to get one! He is a fantastic hubby and I just wish he had talked about it with earlier.

Also I now have a list (at last) of foods I have to avoid for my nickel allergy. Strangely dear Reader, almost all of them are in my diet and are what I have been drawn to eating. How odd is that dear Reader? But things should be a lot easier now. 

Well as long as I don't go and chop my finger off, that is!

Evening all x x x

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