Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Day 59

I am in search of a fancy dress costume today, dear Reader, Mr L leaves school in a few weeks and it is tradition that on the last day they wear fancy dress. So I am in search of a fancy dress shop as my home- made creations apparently are not prestigious enough for such a noble event. I can understand now at sixteen that Mr L wants to decide his own costume. He has an embarrassing  back collection of photos from when he was a child in costumes I sent him to the annual Tumble Tots Christmas party. My favourite being the Noddy outfit his grandfather made him complete with a little bell on the hat.

Speaking of Noddy, I had a dream about Noddy the other night. How weird is that dear Reader? Well what had happened was that before going to bed I had looked to put Spook the cat out, and she was nowhere to be seen, so I presumed she was out. Only for her to come out of her hiding place when we were all tucked up in bed and decided to explore all the rooms upstairs. So all we would have heard is her little bell on her collar ringing as she had a nosey around, which must have carried the noise to me subconsciously as I slept... causing me to dream about Noddy. I would love to put one of those little cameras on her to see just what she gets up to and then I may also find out were she was hiding. That would make fantastic reality television too, dear Reader. If she is not out she sleeps downstairs, so she pulled a crafty one, ending up upstairs and  in my bed. She growled if the hubby turned over or moved and making herself quite comfy on the bed, whilst leaving me to dream about: Noddy; Big Ears and that bloody bell!

Evening all x x x

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