Thursday, 2 May 2013

Day 54

Bear with me, dear Reader, the Hubby has just decided to make a bacon butty and has stunk the house out with the smell of the bacon cooking. I was good and decided to have two custard doughnuts instead of the unhealthier bacon butty. Why is it that everything that tastes so good is so bad for us?

The car is in for its MOT tomorrow. She is in her make or break tie because she is nine years old now, so might be a time for a new one if she needs a lot of work. We have had this car that long that we have totally missed having a CD player in the car and it will be one of the MP3 player things. If that is what they still call them. A device that you can connect your phones etc into to play your music. You know what I mean dear Reader. You have probably got one in your car! 

We have never been ones for updating our car every year. The car only gets replaced when it is on it's last legs, or should that be wheels. So tomorrow we shall be without a car. But that is no problem to an enjoyable rambler like me.

What would your dream car be, dear Reader? Mine would be to have a new push bike as my choice of transport. There are some ACE (as we use to say in the 1980s) bikes out there at the moment. Of course with my nickel allergy the bell would have to go. I noticed a local pub has a bike club, that enter a lot of bike riding events for charity. So I would like to do that. Not that I have had much luck with bikes (see Day 1).

I am now noticing things on the car, that I have never noticed before too. Like the extremely long scratch on one side of her. How did that get there?  And the dent in the rear bumper. It is funny how you no longer notice things isn't it. It does not seem that long ago she was all sparkling new and still had the covers on the seats as we drove her home from the garage.

Mr L will be learning to drive this September. when he hits the big 1-7. I wonder what his first car will be. First cars--that is another subject. What was your first car dear Reader? 

Evening all x x x

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