Sunday, 26 May 2013

Day 78

Wheat or wedding ring? That is the question I have been asking myself all day, dear Reader, in light of my most recent allergic reaction. I have been trying really hard to find out what the trigger is. Now since removing my wedding ring, I have had less itching and I have spent the day reading--coated in good old fashioned calamine lotion and it seems to be working. The rash seems to be fading. I have avoided scratching all day and the only time I did itch was after my lunch and yes I ate something containing wheat. So I am still none the wiser, dear Reader!

A third suspect has also added itself into the arena... the tumble dryer. Could the dryer be causing one of my triggers (house dust mites) to fly around? Or could it be the change of temperature it creates in the room? Could it be all three suspects that are making me ill? I am going to find out.

The hubby does not seem that bothered to be honest that I am not wearing my wedding ring. He has made no mention of me upgrading to a new one. We were students when we meet and although my ring was £19.99 from Argos it still means a lot to me. Well I am actually on my second one after the first one broke and I had hoped for an upgrade but then I was bought the exact same ring. I have upgraded the hubby after his first ring broke. To be honest it is not about the cost of the ring. I would have happily gone on wearing my ring, but it is causing my recent reaction and I am 100 percent sure the ring does have nickel in it. I can't wear anything with nickel--even painted zips I react badly to so I think it will be the ring.

I don't think it is worrying the hubby at all if I was to go around without a wedding ring. I think that now I am aged 39 the hubby must think I am past men chatting me up when they see I am not wearing a ring. But I liked my wedding ring and I should have listened when they told me at the clinic that they thought it was one of the things I am reacting to. When I told them the story behind my ring the kind nurse said to me 
"I am sure due to the circumstances that your hubby will take you to buy a new ring." Well maybe it is because Formula One as been on all weekend, but there has been no mention about a new ring. So I suppose as soon as I look 'normal" enough to go out I will go buy myself a new one. Maybe men just don't know how sentimental things like our wedding rings mean to us. It does mean a lot to me and it is quite upsetting that I have had to take it off. I have even thought of having one tattooed on, but I think I will treat myself to a new one. Watch this space if the hubby mentions it...

Evening all x x x

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