Thursday, 9 May 2013

Day 61

I am reading a fabulous book, dear Reader, it is all about fashion in the 1940s. It has some fantastic pictures  and basically it tells you the history of fashion. It's during the war time so it's all make do and mend. The book is called 'The 1940s Look: Recreating the Fashions, Hairstyles and Make-up of the Second World War.' By Mike Brown and I am so lucky to have a signed copy of the book. It reads more like a magazine than a book and it is full of really interesting information. I just wish that history lessons at school could have concentrated more on the little, simple things like this when it comes to history because it is fascinating ( I would have got an A if it had only been this interesting). Ha Ha.

Speaking of history at school, my first history lesson at high school was completely taken up by the teacher going on about her name. She went on and on the whole one hour and ten minutes that the lesson lasted. I had not got a clue what she was on about. But she told the class that, she would never make fun of our names and so she would expect respect with hers. She had wrote her name on the black board MRS YEHAR. But no one had commented on her name or said anything.  We all whispered as we could not see anything funny about her name or the way she pronounced it.

Still puzzled and completely confused, I set out to find my older and wiser cousin. I told her we had just spent an entire history lesson listening to the teacher go on about her name and we had not got a clue what she was talking about or referring to. My much wiser cousin said to me: "
she just does not want you to do this..." She then galloped up and down like she was on a horse holding a lasso and shouted "YEE-HAW!"

Now we were innocent first years who had no idea... until that teacher put the idea in our heads!

Evening all x x x

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