Monday, 27 May 2013

Day 79

And what better way to start the Bank holiday Monday, dear Reader, than a trip to B&Q; even though I am still feeling ill with my allergy I made the effort to go to B&Q with the hubby. We bought a new kitchen cupboard to replace the gap that the old gas boiler had left on the wall when we had the new one put in last year.

We have being struggling for cupboard space for quite a while now. Largely down to the number of mugs I keep on buying. I do not know why I have a mug thing. I see a mug and just like it so I buy it. No idea why, it is not like we need any more--we must have over fifty by now. I have the same thing about stationery too. I love it. Pens, paper, note books etc. I can't get enough.

The hubby is just as bad, but with him it is the cartons you get from Chinese take-out-- he hordes these. Not to mention all the useless gadgets you accumulate after almost 20 years of marriage, for example, a rolling pin. Why have we got one? We never use one. My hubby loves cooking and cooks some wonderful things from scratch from his recipe books, but neither of us use a rolling pin.

My clever hubby had the new cupboard up in no time and we now have cupboard space. The new cupboard is all nice and tidy but now all the other cupboards have ended up in a mess. But that will wait for another day, it is after all the Bank Holiday!

Ring update--no mention yet. I did say 
"What do you think about my ring then?" And I did not get much of a reply, so I am really not sure it he wants me to get a replacement or if the hubby is just not bothered really. I just do not know!

(If you want to know what I am talking about I mentioned it im Day 78)

Evening all x x x

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