Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 64

One thing I have noticed, dear Reader, is that aged thirty-nine if I am not careful  the weight can sneakily add itself to your hips, tum and bottom. I never had a problem with weight before until I reached the age of thirty and  I noticed that I could put weight on. I would just have to have looked at a packet of biscuits! Ha ha, it would be only a slight increase in weight. Not really a problem if I worked out and I could keep it at bay, but now as I approach the big 4-0 it could creep on even faster, but again my many trips to the gym seem to be working for now. 

Not that I have a problem with weight. I personally just like to keep as fit as I can because I think it does help with my allergy. It is just something I have noticed, even though I eat the same food, there is a difference to how my body responds to the food-from twenty to thirty--thirty-forty. There is probably some wonderful scientific explanation for my recent discovery. Maybe it is just natural, just as puberty is, for us ladies to end up slightly larger as we get older. So why do so may people try and fight it, with diets and fads?

I think women can look beautiful no matter what their size is. I see too many friends and family becoming down, because they have put on weight, but I do think that as long as you have your health that is the far more important. I gave up the biscuits and I go to the gym five times a week, but I still eat cake, chocolate and sweets and every weekend we get take-out, because if I was to give these foods up I think it would make me more miserable and unhappy than it would worrying about my weight!

Evening all x x x

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