Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Day 60

Sixty days of being thirty-nine, dear Reader! Mr L has taken himself to the theatre. Well he has gone on a school trip this evening to see Blood Brothers. I love the theatre, the hubby doesn't so don't get to go much. I love musicals too. Nothing like seeing them live, when the music starts and the hair on the back of your neck stands on end. So I really hope Mr L enjoys himself and gets the bug, so I can take him to the theatre with me. I was watching Mrs Brown's Boys yesterday and that looks a really good show to watch live, it is filmed in front of an audience so would not mind going to see that too and my Strictly Come Dancing.

I know people pay a lot of money for concert tickets, like to see Take That and I got to meet and greet Mr Gary Barlow for free! All that money and he would have been just a dot in the distance. A dancing dot! Ha Ha. But seriously I like concerts too.  We do get some good performances at our local theatre and some BIG stars too and some ex BIG stars Ha Ha.

So I think I will stick on my Grease DVD and make myself a Pot Noodle!

Evening all x x x

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