Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Day 53

Well the steroids have kicked in, dear Reader, I was like a hamster in a wheel at the gym yesterday on the exercise bikes. I bet I could have give young Bradley Wiggins a run for his money. But I would technically have been doing a Lance Armstrong.

A bit of sunshine too and the people all hit the gym, it was packed. No chance of claiming a treadmill or a treadmill claiming me (See Day 2).  Yes a bit of sunshine and everyone reaches for their trackies and trainers. I could have gone on and on exercising with these steroids and still had the energy to clean the house from top to toe. It is killing me now having to sit still here. I feel I could do cartwheels around the room. I am typing ten to the dozen here too. Would have done much better at school at my typing words for minute. Do they still do that, dear Reader? Time how fast people can type. No idea why we were actually still using type writers this was the late eighties and computers were around.

I think the middle-age thing could be kicking in, dear Reader. For I have discovered I like organ music. I guess that it has always been there. I mean I have always been a big fan of The Phantom of The Opera and that has a lot of organ type music. My new found love affair with organ music actually started as I was driving home from the gym. The station that I flicked onto was playing some really fast organ music and I got right into it. Soon I was listening every week. (Shame it is not on everyday) It reminds me when my grandparents had a chalet next to the spa in Scarborough and organ music was played a lot in this open air theatre. Where a lot of older people would sit in deck chairs tapping toes in time with the music. Well I want to be one of those toe tappers now, dear Reader!

We did have toy organs when we were children before we moved on to the more cooler Yamaha keyboards. I think I will add that to my 'Things to do Before I am Forty' list. LEARN TO PLAY THE ORGAN! It just so happens that my step-mum plays so I think I will give her a call. Then I think I will take my organ on the road and hit the working men's clubs playing all the recent hits and some golden oldies and end with requests. Don't laugh, dear Reader, it is as good as Gary Barlow started out! :)

Evening all x x x

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