Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Day 67

I am just back from the hospital, dear Reader, after having yet another allergic reaction. I did try to get in at my own doctors this morning; but I was told that all the appointments had been allocated for today and that I should call them back in the morning at 8.30 am. Well dear Reader I tried to hang on but the allergy was not having it, I was like a cat with fleas! So instead of doing what I usually do and go to A&E, but I decided to try the new 111 number that as replaced the NHS Direct old number. I have to say I got a very good service and I actually had my own GP actually call me back through using this service and he arranged my treatment at the hospital. So that I was seen and dealt with straight away. So it is well worth ringing if you need medical advice or help.

So I am back on the steroids, dear Reader, turns out when the hubby took the job on of painting my rings he had only decided to paint the inside. Thinking he was doing a good thing not letting the outside of my ring to go dull. Thoughtful I guess, but you and I know dear Reader that our skin comes in contact with the outside of the ring in particular the neighbouring fingers for starters. So I have an all over-body rash. My legs actually turned blue and I have bruises all the way up my legs. Luckily because of the excellent service I got from 111, my eyes did not puff and I don't look too bad.

I am looking forward to a good night sleep tonight... strike that, what am I thinking I am on steroids. Oh well I might get another book read and reviewed. The house cleaned, the ironing done and tomorrows dinner all prepared!

Evening all x x x

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