Monday, 20 May 2013

Day 72

Have you ever fallen asleep in the middle of the day dear Reader? Only to have the strangest dream? This happened to me today. Whilst reading a really good book, I became very drowsy. I have to say this is nothing to do with the current book I am reading as it is really good, but perhaps it is down to today being the first day I have come off my steroid tablets.

So my eyes would not stay opened so I drifted off into dreamland, only to have a really weird dream. In my dream I had just had a new baby. The baby was really tiny and what was strange about my dream was that although the baby was new-born--it could talk and tell me if she needed a new nappy. She also said she liked her outfit and was very wise. So wise in fact that I left her alone while I went out to buy new nappies (something I would never do in real life). The house I was living in was a terraced house and it is not one I have ever been to before. The strange thing about the house was to get to the door you had to go up some very steep wooden steps and there was a lot of them steps too! When you climbed the steps to reach the door you could see upstairs into the bedroom through the window and on top of the wardrobe there were plies and piles of paper almost weighing the wardrobe down.

While out buying the nappies I bumped into my aunt, she looked younger than she is now and had her hair in a totally different style to her usual one. She was collecting money door to door from houses near to mine. I have no idea what she was collecting money for, it felt like something for the pools or debt collecting; something like that. I was pleased to see my aunt and said a warm hello and we exchanged pleasantries. As I turned to go actually thinking about my baby and hoping she had not come to any harm because I had left her on her own I asked my aunt if she wanted to come in for a coffee, she politely declined. So I made my way back up my steep steps home, hoping my baby would be okay.

I then woke up in a daze in the chair I had fallen asleep in, aching from the uncomfortable position I had ended up asleep in. It did take me a few moments too for me to reliase that I had not really just had a baby and that it was all a dream.

I wonder if dreams actually mean anything, dear Reader?  What is the point in us having them?

Evening all x x x

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