Thursday, 16 May 2013

Day 68

Well I am feeling much better now, dear Reader, after my trip to the hospital yesterday. It is amazing how you can be healthy and the next thing bad things are sprung apon us. I still find it amazing how you can be fine and then suddenly out of nowhere your body starts being allergic to a lot of things. But all seems to be settling down now. I think it helps a lot if you have a good doctor too.

Mr L went to school today dressed as Woody from Toy Story. I have a picture of him dressed up as Woody just before he started school and now I have one of him dressed as Woody leaving school so mummy moment coming on, going to buy a frame to put both pictures side by side. I think that will look really nice. Might just stick copies of these photo to many of our local lamp posts when Mr L turns 18!

Well a busy day tomorrow as long train journey awaits...

Evening all x x x

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