Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Day 66

I can never trust myself online shopping, dear Reader, I can get quite carried away on eBay buying many useless things. It is the thrill swiping in at the last moment, and you can find lots of amazing and wonderful things like handbags and Womble retro stuff! eBay is calm and I have never had any problems buying stuff of it... yes I have sometimes had problems when the stuff I did buy turns up and is not quite in the condition that the seller said it would be in. Or it has been a completely different item from the photograph the seller published, but that has not put me off the eBay experience. I could happily lose a good few hours on eBay. It is a great pass-time.

I also shop online when I order friends and family flowers. Usually I use ASDA. Well today things did not go too well with my order. Firstly when I was typing in the details I happened to luckily notice that it had changed the address door number to a different number. Quite pleased with myself for noticing this mistake I then went on to fill out my message. Then I checked through everything one more time, to make sure everything was correct and I then hit the process button. Nothing happened, dear Reader, so I tried again and again and again. Still nothing--it would not process it just kept me hanging on my order page. So I clicked again and nothing, so thinking that the fault must be my keyboard  I decided to experiment in my message box on the order page I was stuck on. So I click in the 'of in the lots of love' part of my message and I changed it to a if and it worked,--it was not my keyboard and all was working at my end. Phew I thought it wasn't my problem and at that exact moment in time for the page  then clicked on to the proceed page! The glitch had corrected itself, giving me no time to correct my 'if' back into 'of.' I looked anxiously to see if I could change it back in any way. An email address so I could point this out to someone or a phone number, but there was nothing. So my flowers would now be delivered with the following line 'Lots if love' to end the message.

I am just so thankful I did not change the word for a rude one, to test my keyboard!

Evening all x x x

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