Sunday, 19 May 2013

Day 71

I watched EuroVision last night, dear Reader, did you? I found most of the songs quite boring really. There was an entertaining and what I thought hysterical performance from Romania. The guy's attempt at singing falsetto had me laughing out loud and I just could not stop laughing. It does seem to take me a lot to laugh, so it was good fun just sitting and laughing; even if the poor chap was not trying to be funny. But it just really tickled me.

The presentation of the show was fantastic. The song the presenter did just before the scoring was like something from a Mel Brooks film. It was the best song of the night. The only song I thought was really good in the actual performance was Ireland. They were on last to perform and for me it was saving the best while last. But they did not win--Denmark did. I had to go to bed before finding out who the winner was, I just could not keep my eyes open any longer. So I can not even remember which song Denmark sang, or who performed it.

Bonnie Tyler flew the flag for the UK. But her song just did not match up to her popular 80s anthems and the hook that made her songs so great was well and truly missing. Graham Norton was on top form to offer witty comments and great commentary. But what I would have liked to have seen is ABBA reform, because it was in Sweden and EuroVision is what got their brilliant career started and was the pinnacle of their success. It would have been nice for them to celebrate, remember and acknowledge how it all began. But they become too big for that. Never forger where you started I say.

Evening all x x x

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