Friday, 3 May 2013

Day 55

It is always nice to have a change from the old routine, isn't it, dear Reader? Today was one of those days for me as I had a day off. I spent a nice day with the Hubby, we had a nice lunch together in a nice restaurant and had a nice long walk. The car went in the garage for its MOT and it passed, so it now looks like this car will reach ten years with us after all.

I have got myself hooked on the Knots Landing re-runs. I have never seen Knots Landing before... well only when I was ill off school in the eighties and it was on during the day time, but to be honest I had no interest in it back then; it was just exciting being able to have my pillow and duvet on the downstairs sofa. I have not already got enough to watch and catch up with on Sky Plus, without me getting adddicted to another old soap. I mean what will be next, The Love Boat?! Have they invented a device,yet, dear Reader where you can download your Sky Plus on to your phone and watch it from your mobile? That would be fantastic and save time too.

Mind you, I would probably fill Sky Plus up even more and have the hubby panic once again, because we are down to 2%!

Evening all x x x

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