Saturday, 25 May 2013

Day 77

Another bank holiday weekend and another bad allergic reaction. I give up now I have no idea what is causing it. The only tests I have not had are food allergy ones, so it must be a food allergy. My prime suspect at the moment is wheat. So I am cutting out anything with wheat. I am just really fed up with it now, once I come of the steroids there it is once again. I am now looking at people on the television and thinking do they know how lucky they are just to have normal skin? Just to be able to get up on a morning and go about their business without itchy awful skin?

I get myself by, by thinking there are far worse things you could have, but when you have it for a long time allergies can bring you down. I hope to wake up every morning and for it to be gone. Some days I am fine, others I am running to get in the bath. Then people are so helpful telling you to go to the doctors, when what you need is support in finding out what your triggers are.

It is so easy not to scratch through the day but night times are the worse when you are sleeping and you scratch. It does not matter how short your nails are. The constant scratching will make them sharp and you wake up like you have been in a fight with a cat and clawed all over. The skin is sore then. It also causes bad bruising. It makes you irritable because it is so uncomfortable. I now am on a strong Anti H everyday but they don't seem to work.

I have tried to distract myself, by keeping myself busy, but nothing works. I obviously have a new trigger and until I find out what it is this problem is not going to go away without a fight; I intend to fight back good and hard.

Evening all x x x

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