Saturday, 4 May 2013

Day 56

Today I spent the day getting rid of clutter, dear Reader. Through my work with books I get a lot of books that every so often I have to put lots into storage in the garage. I hate to part with any of my books so this is the perfect way to store them and not have a cluttered house. All books that have been personally sent to me by authors and publishing companies--and especially the signed ones, do remain in the house on a special book case. I do treasure all books that are personally sent and would never part with them.

I have not had much chance to do a lot of reading over the past few days. Lots of things just have been going on. I do try not to keep my authors waiting too long for their reviews, but I do not like to rush or take my enjoyment out of reading by letting it just become a conveyor belt of reading so to speak. I like to do it at a nice pace--whilst working through my to read pile at this steady pace. Most authors are really patient and wait. Occasionally you do get the odd one that can but pressure on you. But all books are read in order that I get them apart from those publishing companies I am contracted to do one book a month for. The other side of my job is to promote the book and author and I really enjoy this part of the job too. And of course I get to meet with some interesting and fascinating people, many who become good friends.

So the bookcases have all been refreshed. I do own a Kindle, which will help with the book storage problem, but I do still like the touch and feel and ownership of a hard copy book. But the Kindle is also more handy for carrying around. Which do you prefer, dear Reader, Kindle or a book?

Evening all x x x


  1. I have a special shelf on my bookcase for signed copies! Although I have a kindle I still prefer paperbacks! Love them! I love being involved in the whole book promotion side of things and I've met (online) so many wonderful people, such as yourself! x

  2. Thanks JB! I don't think I will ever stop having "proper books" nothing like the feel and hold of a paperback!