Friday, 17 May 2013

Day 69

I went on my yearly visit to my grandparents grave today, dear Reader, it would have been my grandfather's birthday yesterday and my gran's birthday tomorrow. So once a year I made the journey on the train to Scarborough. It takes me three hours to get there and another 30 Minutes to get to the small pretty village church yard that they are buried in. So today I spent six hours on the train. The journey went fast and my ma gets on in Leeds so I do have company for half of the journey. We meet up with my ma's sisters (my aunts) and it turns what is a sad day into a nice get together.

I don't mind doing this at all, my grandparents were the best grandparents you could ever wish for--all of them were. I was lucky to have all my grandparents close in my life until the age of 18.When at this age I lost a grandparent from each of my ma and dad's side of the family. I was closest to my ma's mum and we only lost her a couple of years ago to cancer. I miss her everyday.

The worst thing about when people die is that they just disappear. I sometimes wish I was a medium like my father, wouldn't it just be nice, dear Reader just to have five more minutes with our loved ones? A chance to say goodbye. That is the hardest part too when you don't get the chance to say goodbye. If I could have a moment with my grandparents again I would say not only how much I loved them but thank you too. Because they cared and loved me and I know this in my heart everyday.

What would you say to a loved one that has passed, dear Reader?

If you have recently lost a loved one I think this song is a great comfort.


  1. Such a poignant post. It's always harder for those of us left behind.
    I often wish I could just tell my dad how sorry I am for letting him down, and not being there at the end.
    The song is beautiful. Thank you Nikki. <3

  2. Ah Nikki,I know how you feel. It's the loss because we can't hug them, but aside from that they know what is in our hearts and minds - that's what counts. They are also in a much better place! Lxxx

  3. A beautiful post. My daughter-in-laws granddad passed away only yesterday. He was a lovely man and I'm so sad for her. I miss my mum so much, still to this day but I dream about her now and again and I feel like I've spent time with her. Sad memories change to very happy ones over time, so in a way they never left us. xxx

  4. I understand how you must feel Carol, it is really hard for us left behind. Remember all the good memories you have with your dad. x x x

  5. Sorry to hear about your daughter-in laws sad news Audrina. So nice that you dream about your mum. I really do agree with what you said, it is so nice that we are left with our memories thank you x x