Saturday, 18 May 2013

Day 70

The dreaded letter landed on my doormat today, dear Reader, it was the six monthly dental check. I have noticed as we get older time seems to speed up and get faster and faster. Christmas seems to soon come around again and unfortunately so do dental appointments and the much dreaded smear test. Much as I hate (well I think everyone does). I know how important it is to go and have them. But luckily I have another year to go before that is due. It was not too bad either the last time I had it done. I rang up my doctors and got an appointment just a couple of hours later on the very same day, dear Reader! So by the time I had had a bath and shower to freshen up and got to the doctors, it was all over and done with before I had even time to think about it. I like days like that.

When I was sixteen I had to have a cyst removed from my gums. The operation went very well and at the time I was living with my lovely gran. My gran went with me for my operation, which was done at my dental surgery in a special operating room they had there. I was awake throughout the operation and although it was not a pleasant experience, when it was finished and my gums were all stitched up I felt fine; well enough to walk with my gran the four doors down to the chemist to pick up my prescription.  Although the buildings were at one time old detached houses there really was not far to walk down the street to the chemist. We are talking only about one minute to walk from the dentist to the chemist. Anyway we went into the chemist and I am a bit of a queasy head. I can faint easily. Well I am a little tougher than I was ( I now can watch shows like CSI) I was only sixteen when I had this operation. So I started to feel faint. Fainting is awful isn't it? That awful feeling when you feel like you are not where you are and everything fades. Or when your eyes go black inside and you are aware but you can't see. I fainted right in the middle of the shop. Now some kind person must have thought it was most helpful if I returned to the dentist for a check to make sure everything was okay. The only thing was this kind person called a taxi for us. So I remember my gran was too polite to say well it is only four doors away and it may have been faster for us to walk back. No she got us in the taxi and the poor taxi driver never got out of first gear, he just set off and my gran said we are here. She paid the taxi driver and got me inside the dentist and everything was fine.

Another memorable fainting episode happened ages ago (I was about eight) on a school trip to Dewsbury Police Station. We were having the tour and we went in the incident room and there was a photo on the wall of a man with his head all gashed open. I will not go into more detail, dear Reader, just in case you are a fainter like me--but it was horrid. I was one moment stood there looking at this photo the next I had grey and black squiggly lines before my eyes and the next thing I know is I wake up feeling my feet being dragged on the floor. I am being pulled along by my class teacher and a police woman. I must have been fine after as I remained with my class and did not go to the hospital or home.

My most recent faint happened last year, just after my son Mr L had had an operation. Mr L now has two metal bars in his chest to correct pectus excavatum. He was very brave and he had just come back from his operation. So he had his own room and he was in a lot of discomfort as you are when you just come round from an operation. We got him settled and all had gone well.. When it happened it just came on really fast. I knew there was nothing I could do to stop myself from fainting. So I quickly sat on a chair. Luckily Mr L was sleeping and the only other person in the room was my hubby. So I turn to the hubby and told him 
"I'm going to faint.  I am just going to do it quietly on this chair [while I was talking everything was fading] Please don't get anyone, this is about Liam he has just had an op and the last thing I want is staff having to fuss around after me. I'm going. I'm going" I said. When I came too I was relieved to find myself still sitting on the chair and no one had noticed. Thankfully the hubby had and he asked if I was okay. So I thought I had got away with a nice smooth faint... until a few weeks later I was telling a close friend about my fainting, when the hubby pipes up:

So I did not get away with it as smooth as I thought. But hey Liam never knew (until now) and neither did any of the nursing staff.

Do you have a fainting story, dear Reader? Please share.

Evening all x x x

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