Thursday, 23 May 2013

Day 75

There is a mystery in my house today, dear Reader, it would seem that when I did my weekly shop Miss C's Magic Stars have disappeared somewhere between the supermarket and my house. Now Miss C did not come shopping with me this week, so it was my responsibility to bring her little treat home. Now I know they went in the trolley, but they are not on the receipt--what happened? Maybe they fell out of the trolley. Maybe I put them in the wrong trolley?! But Miss C is not a happy teen with me this evening, in fact we have a good sulk situation going on. I have gone through the shopping to try and find a suitable replacement, but she is not buying anything I have to offer. 

When you shop with Tesco's online their replacement items can be quite hilarious, they are nothing like what you would expect of a replacement item. You want either the same item, just a different brand or a very similar item. I once ordered a watermelon and they sent me a pineapple. Broccoli was replaced by a leek. Salami by a tin of hotdog sausages. I wonder who makes these decisions? Then it seemed to be one carrier bag for each item. I ended up with loads of carriers. Sometimes items that I had never ordered would be amongst my items. Interesting items like hair remover and wrinkle cream. When I called Tesco to let them know, worried that some poor person would have items missing from their shopping:
 "Keep them" they said. Hair remover... Wrinkle cream I know I am 39 but...

Evening all x x x

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