Saturday, 11 May 2013

Day 63

Well I spent the morning in a fancy dress shop, dear Reader, good fun it was too and I was not even looking for a costume for myself--but one for Mr L who is going to school on Thursday in fancy dress. He chose to be Woody from Toy Story. It is traditional for all Year 11s to wear fancy dress costumes on this date. Mr L leaves school the week after... well until he returns in September for sixth form. The time went by so fast. I might have a fancy dress party for my 40th.

Speaking of fancy dress shops and birthday parties, when I was eighteen, my grandparents put a party on for me at the local village pub. Imagine my surprise when during my party a six foot gorilla arrived. My gran had got me a kissogram from the local fancy dress shop, which was also a kissogram business too. He read a witty speech which even had reference to my grumbles about the newly introduced Poll Tax. He then asked me to unzip his suit and he came out of the gorilla suit in a very tiny loin cloth! He was a good looking guy but big muscles have never been my thing. It was good fun though and a wonderful surprise from my grandmother.

Now a week later I ended up in A&E after some minor ailment and guess who the nurse happened to be who was treating me? Yes, dear Reader, the gorilla from my birthday party! He was so embarrassed, or maybe worried having been caught moonlighting. But I would never say anything his loin cloth was in safe hands!

Evening all x

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